Crime Scene Cleanup Services

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In situations where a crime or other traumatic event occurs, one of the necessary tasks that must be done is having the scene cleaned. However, due to the unique nature of these areas, it's important they be cleaned in ways that ensure all potentially harmful substances, such as bodily fluids, blood, chemicals, and others, are properly disposed of in a manner consistent with regulations established by OSHA and state and federal agencies. Because of this, it's important to contact experts trained in crime scene cleanup, such as we here at Crime Scene Clean.

State-of-the-Art Training

With our many years of experience providing assistance with suicide cleanup and other situations, we have the skills and equipment needed to provide 24/7 service to residential and commercial customers. No matter how simple or complex the job may be, we can provide the assistance that's needed. Utilizing our professional training, our employees have been able to learn state-of-the-art cleaning techniques that work well in numerous situations. From homicides and suicides to car accidents and unattended death scenes, all of our employees follow strict guidelines of various regulatory agencies to ensure any public health hazard is contained. To make sure this happens, all mobile cleaning crews arrive at their scenes with hazmat suits, foot protectors, gloves, respirators, and other equipment to be used as needed.

24/7 Availability

No matter when these situations may occur, Crime Scene Clean will be ready to assist you. With our 24/7 availability, including holidays, all it takes is one call to our dedicated and caring customer service representatives. Along with their training that allows them to answer the most complex questions, they are also able to provide empathy during these difficult situations, which gives peace of mind to many clients. By always having a commitment of excellence to our customers, we take pride in being able to help clients deal with these situations in a calm, professional manner.

Our Typical Clients

Since we serve residential and commercial customers, our clients run the gamut. Some of our typical clients include police departments, funeral homes, hospitals, homeowners, landlords, hotels, prisons, and even veterinarians. No matter the situation you may be facing, contact us so we can help. Once you do, our staff can answer questions and schedule a time for a cleaning crew to arrive within 24 hours to do an on-site inspection and provide a price estimate. In addition to this, we will work to promptly process private payments or insurance claims. Rather than go it alone in these stressful situations, contact us as soon as possible.