Crime & Suicide Cleanup

Since many different types of events and circumstances can take place, we offer a wide range of services to assist our customers in both the public and private sector. The most common service is generally crime scene cleanup, which can involve many things where a homicide has occurred. In these situations, our cleaning team may be faced with multiple issues that need to be addressed. These can include knife and gunshot trauma issues, including blood splatter, blood spill outs, bodily fluids and tissues, brain matter, and feces, urine, and semen that will need to be properly cleaned to lessen the risk of public health hazards, which can include blood-borne diseases such as AIDS and hepatitis. When faced with these situations, our cleaning crew will immediately assess the situation, then rely on their training and experience to ensure the job is done correctly the first time.

In addition to a homicide cleanup, we are equipped to also handle many other traumatic situations. These can include suicide cleanup and unattended death situations, both of which can present many challenges physically and emotionally. In these circumstances, we not only concentrate on using our cleaning skills and knowledge, but also extending empathy to loved ones and others who simply are not prepared for these situations.

Due to the nature of our business, we work very closely with police departments, especially when they have raided an illegal drug lab. Once they have made their arrests and completed their investigation, we go to work making sure the scene is cleaned and made safe once again. In this type of biohazard cleanup, we not only may be dealing with issues related to homicides, but also must make sure all dangerous chemicals that may be located in the lab are cleaned up and disposed of in the safest possible manner. To do so, we strictly follow OSHA guidelines, and if necessary can get OSHA inspectors on-site as well to offer assistance.

In addition to these situations, we are equipped to deal with many others. These can include unattended deaths, where human decomposition has taken place over a period of time, as well as hoarding cases that may involve the removal of dead animals or getting rid of rancid odors and filth. Along with these situations, we can also be counted upon to assist with tear gas cleanup, holding and prison cell cleanup, removal of bloody footprints and fingerprints, and much more. No matter what your needs may be, we are able to help. By contacting us here at Crime Scene Clean, you can put your worries to rest, knowing you are dealing with professionals who will assist you every step of the way..

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